I was contemplating knee surgery and my wife was going to Spinal Aid.

I proceeded with the knee treatment and I noticed a change with the knee comfort after the 2nd week – pain was less, more comfortable in walking.

Carroll R. – Stevens Point, WI

I have hardly any pain after 5 injections!

What's nice about Dr. Rawner is that he knows exactly where he is putting the injection. Thank you very much for my improvement.

Edward S. Athens, Wisconsin

The Knee Pain Solutions Center works great. All my pain is gone and I can walk up and down stairs good unlike before when I had to walk down one step at a time.

The pain in my legs was bad and now it is just about all gone. All the pain in my knees is gone.

Delores R. – Wausau, WI

I have had my knees hurting for a long time, but so far I think it has helped because the pain is less. The 5 sessions were not painful at all. I want to thank Dr. Rawner, Mary and Michelle for helping me and the good care.

Thank you Dr. Rawner, Mary, and Michelle!!

Lillian A. – Marshfield, WI

I have been very happy with the treatment and results of my knee solutions. The doctor and assistants are all extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Right from the start, I was treated like a friend and was informed of everything that was going to be done and why they were doing it. They were quick to answer each and every question I had.

This process seems to be a good quality, where they remove any excess fluid in the knee capsule and fill the capsule with Hyalgan.

It is a good answer for me – I really didn't want surgery and I had a great deal of relief from the treatment and I understand it could take awhile for everything to settle before we have final results – BUT, I have been happy with everything so far.

Linda S. – Merrill, Wisconsin

Before coming here I was in so much pain it was about a 10 on the pain scale. I could hardly walk or do anything. Now after five weeks of treatment I am doing everything again, as if there was nothing wrong with my knee!

The staff is excellent here. I am so glad to have come here. Thank you very much for all you have done for me.

Carla K. – Butternut, WI

I had a very painful right knee and was taking cortisone shots every 4 months. I heard about Knee Pain Solutions Center and decided to see Dr. Rawner. He said I was a good candidate for treatment.

I have no pain to speak of after 5 weeks in my right knee. I want to thank Dr. Rawner and his staff at the Knee Pain Solutions Center. They were most gracious. I look forward to a good quality of life with my knee in the future.

Mavis B. Wausau, Wisconsin

I have been very happy with the results of my knee treatment. After the first injection it was 75% better, then each treatment it was better and better, the pain is down to 95% less which is much better.

I had many sleepless nights, due to severe knee pain. Dr. Rawner asked me what I am looking for after the treatments are complete? I said I just wanted a good night sleep and no pain. I have received all of that. I look forward to being able to do some gardening and care for my flower garden. It will be much more enjoyable this year and I will have a better quality of life.

Vi S. – Mosinee, Wisconsin

I had some shooting pains in my right knee when I came in and after the 5 weeks of injections I feel like I am brand new again. Ready to go out and kayak again and do all my yard work with no pain.

Thank you Dr. Rawner.

Vera S.-Weston, Wisconsin

It was a great experience – a very simple procedure with no pain. They are really good at explaining everything.

When I came in the first time, I had a lot of pain in my knee and could hardly walk. Now after only 5 weeks, I am walking much better.

I would definitely recommend it for others no matter how old you are. I am 96 years old and I am really glad I had this done.

Irene M.–Wisconsin Rapids, WI

When I first came in for evaluation, Dr. Rawner helped me out of the chair. The pain was 9 on the pain level. After 5 treatments the knee feels better than the replaced knee.

Thank you very much Dr. Rawner and Staff. I will be very happy to refer Knee Pain Solutions to everyone.

James R. – Arbor Vitae, WI

I had a lot of pain in my left knee. I read about Knee Pain Solutions Center in the newspaper and thought I would give it a try.

I have much less pain now and have not taken any pain medication. I am very happy with the results.

Geno H.- Merrill, Wisconsin

On April 5th, 2011 I had my last treatment and my knees have never felt this good in a long time.

Raymond V. – Mosinee, WI

I would recommend the knee pain treatment to anyone who has had knee pain and feel like they have to live with it. I have noticed relief after the 1st treatment and did have a minor setback after the 3rd shot with the opposite knee. By wearing the knee brace on the opposite knee, I had relief.

After the fourth shot I could walk on uneven ground again. Dr. Rawner and all his staff have been very good to me and I will miss coming in!

Carla J. – Merrill, Wisconsin

I had knee pain for a very long time and now my knee is so so great after my treatments with Dr. Rawner

Anyone with knee pain must see Dr. Rawner!

Rose J. - Wisconsin Rapids, WI

My knees bothered me so much and doctors at Marshfield told me to take Aleve four times a day. I don't think I take one a day now.

My knees feel better now compared to when I was taking Aleve. The procedure had very little pain. The Dr. and personnel are very friendly.

Russel B. – Arpin, Wisconsin

When I started the five week sessions, my left knee was undependable. Some movements, especially walking down stairs was painful.

Today, there is no pain when I walked down the stairs. That is a blessing to me. I expect that working in my flower gardens will be much more enjoyable this year.

Sigrid K. – Wisconsin Rapids, WI

My knees have given me all kinds of problems for a long time and now I feel like walking on air without all the pain.

I thank you Dr. Rawner, Michelle and Mary!

Richard J. – Stevens Point, WI

When I came to the Knee Pain Solutions Center I had a lot of pain in my left knee.

After the 5 series of injections it sure made a difference. I did not have ¼ of the pain. Thanks for the help.

Emily B. Stevens Point, WI

When I came in I had severe pain to my right knee. I had pain to the point that I could hardly put pressure on my knee or even stretch it. I never had a problem with my knees until I was sitting in a chair one day and I suddenly had severe pain in the right leg. It was to the point where I was hardly able to walk.

I have seen so many people wait to go for help and it was too late. I'm 68 years old and very active and I try am trying to keep my body as strong and healthy as possible.

After my first treatment I could feel the difference in my pain from a scale of 10 down to a 7 in just one treatment and after 5 treatments, from a scale of 0-10, it was a 3.

I would recommend the treatment to anyone with knee problems. Thank You!!

Jeanette M. – Stevens Point, WI

I am pleased and thankful to Dr. Rawner for the loss of pain in my knee. It is again a Good Morning to get up and get going.

My pain was at an 8-10 level when I first got up in the morning, now the pain is gone. I am able to do my daily chores.

My experience at the clinic was very professional. Everyone was very helpful and you were put at ease. I appreciate all the help I received and will mention your clinic to anyone who needs your help. Thank You.

Persy R- Stevens Point., WI

Having had medical treatment on my left knee for five treatments, I now can state that the pain in my left knee has disappeared. My knee joint moves freely.

The Knee Pain Solution Center's way of doing my treatment for my left knee has been wonderful and very relaxing. The assistant is also very helpful.

J. Donald W. - Rothschild, WI

I want to let everyone know how much I wish I would have had this series of shots before I had a knee replacement on my left knee.

I have very little pain, mostly none in the right knee and for the most part, I don't have any pain. I thank Dr. Rawner and the girls at the clinic. I look forward to being able to do gardening and just have a better quality of life.

Dorothy B. – Marshfield, WI

I have just finished my last injection, and I would very much recommend anyone going thru knee pain, to really go for the knee – (Hyalgan) injections.

They help very much. I am very satisfied so far.

Dorothy K. – Plover, WI

The Knee Pain Solutions Center has helped me and I am doing very good.

I am sleeping better now and my knees feel great!

Dorothy W. – Merrill, WI

From day 1 there was steady improvement and I was very excited to get the last injection. Being a Farmer and a Truck Driver definitely takes a toll on a big man's knees.

I feel like I'm back to over 100% mobile and active; doing anything and everything I need and want to do with no pain. No doubt this is much better than any surgery pain.

James S. – Edgar, WI

Having had knee pain for numerous years, it is great to have literally no pain at all! I would recommend this procedure very highly.

Previously, I had neuropathy treatments here as well, which I would also recommend for anyone who qualifies. The Staff has been excellent to be associated with during my treatments.

Paul B. – Schofield, WI

I have had pain in both knees for several months. My physician told me I should be looking at a knee replacement.

I saw the ad for Knee Pain Solutions Center in our local newspaper and I thought I would try this treatment. After about the third injection in both my knees I was able to walk about ¼ mile without pain and go about my daily living.

Now that I am finished with the treatment program I am pain free in my knees.

I am very grateful to Dr. Rawner for helping me. I also would like to thank Michelle and Mary for making my visits very pleasant.

Junior C-Marshfield, Wisconsin

I started with Knee Pain Solutions because I was thinking I needed surgery and I wanted to try all my options before I went to the knife.

After each injection, the pain was a little less, and I became a lot more mobile. The procedure is basically painless. I was able to do all my work on the farms through the five week series.

Dave F. – Owen, Wisconsin

I am now finishing my series of injections. One to go and about 80% pain-free. One of the best things is that there is virtually little pain with the injections. He is so good!

I have gone from being scheduled for a knee replacement surgery to actively getting around again.

Inarae D. –Lake Tomahawk, WI

The staff was very good at explaining the procedure.

There was no pain. I had injections in both knees. I have not felt this good in 15 years.

Jack C. – Hatley, Wisconsin

My knee pain is much better after the treatments. I would say my pain is reduced to about 75 percent depending on the day and the weather and how active I was.

I planted my garden with no problem. Before the treatments, I was seriously considering knee replacement surgery. No more! I am very happy I had the treatments.

Jane S. - Mosinee, Wisconsin

I was told by several doctors that I needed complete knee replacement surgery. I did not want to go through anymore surgery. I thought of all the pain and rehab I would have to go through and then I saw the Knee Pain Solutions Center's ad in the paper and that they used a machine to help guide the doctor with the placement of the needle. I was so scared until I talked with the doctor and he explained everything to me so clearly.

It was not painful at all. I no longer have the crunching or pain in my knee. The whole staff is wonderful people and I thank them all. I felt very comfortable going back for treatments.

Thank you very much –the staff of Knee Pain Solutions. I urge anyone with knee pain to go there.

Jeannine G. – Edgar, WI

After five times of receiving knee injections I noticed that my knees got better about the fourth time.

Pain, if any, is very slight!

Melvin H. Marshfield, WI

I started the Knee Injections five weeks ago. I had my last shot today.

I was having pain in my knee, that on a scale of 0-10, was around 9-10. Since my five injections my knee pain is now zero. I highly recommend this treatment.

Ronald L. – Minoqua, WI

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